This has been a bit of a challenging Summer.

I’m approaching the Big 60 next year, and trying to visualize how I want to live this next important decade…I wouldn’t be lying if I said it’s been pretty daunting…”If not now, WHEN?” resonates in my brain all day long….

New Hampshire and Florida are claiming two of my closest female friends by the end of this  year. If you are anything like me, you know how precious  old friendships are….

People I care about are grieving the loss of loved ones, And THE WORLD HAS OFFICIALLY GONE CRAZY!

News junkie that I am, I’ve turned off  the “breaking news alerts” from my phone….I.Just.Can’t.

What to do?

Sometimes you just has to push through the blue, and plan your way out….

So , in the Fall, I’ve signed on to my local mentorship program to team up with a lovely 7th grade girl who needs a friend…

I have a feeling, never having had a daughter, that she will give me more than I give her.

I can’t wait to meet her❤️🙏

Next, I’m going to make good on my bucket list item of getting serious about photography.

I took an online  course over  the Summer for IPhone photography that I highly recommend! (BTW, the IPhone 7 takes pictures as good as any DSLR  I’ve ever owned…)

Here’s the link…it really is a great course .


Next, did you see the gorgeous Diane Lane in the movie “Paris Can Wait”?? Fun movie, breathtaking scenery of the South of France (I will go back someday🙏)

What I loved the most about the movie, aside from the elegant clothes, was this camera she used in many scenes..

It’s a Leica C Digital and if I flunk the DSLR course, Santa is going to bring me this for Christmas.



Next up for the Fall… 💃 SALSA!!!!

I’ve enrolled in a beginners Salsa class, and am praying my hips hold up!


The other day, I was looking at my closed MoonFlower buds, and I was trying to decide if they had already opened and were spent, or had they not bloomed at all yet…

I sometimes feel like that…and guess what? The buds weren’t spent at all, but  just getting ready to explode with life…


and so am I.~

Have a lovely Summer weekend, and plan yourself happy!~❤️





  1. Colleen Delaney says:

    As always Kathy, I look forward to reading your blog. I woke up early this morning and checked my email and Kdcrown appeared.
    You really inspire me Kathy! Salsa dancing, how fun is that!!!!!
    Looking forward to catching up with you on the 31st in Saugus!!!!
    Keep on keeping on!!!!!


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