THANKSGIVING WEEK IS UPON US….the years are flying, ladies..hold on with both hands!

I’ve many things to be thankful for this year…but then again, I have many things to be thankful for every year…even the not so good ones.

I practice gratitude, a concept that dates as far back as the bible, where Paul instructs “In everything, give thanks.”  Buddhists also consider gratitude one of the most important dharmas for fruitful living in daily life.

Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of the book “Simple Abundance”,  ignited a million woman gratitude movement in 1995, and I’ve never looked back.

Sarah reminds us, through her work, that there is beauty and bliss in the simplest of things…

A really good cup of coffee..

A baby’s laugh..

A heavenly pair of cashmere socks..

A decadent TV show..(think Downton Abbey!)

So the first thing I am grateful for this season is that I have re-purchased Sarah’s books, (my originals are long-lost in two moves), and I am currently savoring my favorites..

“Moving On” helped me tremendously when I was selling my home of many years and downsizing…It reminded me, page after page, that there is beauty everywhere in the big AND small,  if you look for it…

(Here’s some quiet beauty I have found in my new little home….Sarah is right again!!)





img_5121 “Romancing the Ordinary” is my other favorite…I love the ordinary moments where you see, smell, hear or taste something that just elevates your mood to joy….those are the best moments…

and they are all around us, everyday, if we look….


The next thing I’m grateful for is another book I am loving..

It’s the latest from the brilliant writer, Alice Hoffman, whose work I’ve loved since “Practical Magic” in 1995.  “Faithful” is the story of the power of love, generosity and redemption when the world looks bleak and you are out of resources.

A timely book, indeed!


Next is the new eight part series on PBS, called “Soundbreaking”…if you are a music fan, DO NOT MISS THIS


It traces your favorite music back from it’s inception  to the studio, where the magic happened…what a treat to watch!

How did “Yesterday” become the classic beauty it is?  How did Phil Spector’s famous “wall of sound” come to be? How many studio musicians did it take to make “Pet Sounds”?  All the way up to today’s rap, this series is a stellar behind the scenes look at “how the soup was made”  in the studio, with the help of a few genius producers. Great series, three crowns up!!

The next thing I’m thankful for this week is a lovely body lotion I stumbled upon in a gift shop in Meredith, New Hampshire while on a retreat.  I left my own lotion home, and was looking to find something to use for a few days.

I bought this lotion, and will be ordering it on-line for years to come.


By a company called Naked Bee, this Orange Blossom Honey lotion is a real treat.  It’s made from organic aloe and sunflower oil, honey and green and white tea, it applies like a blanket of softness, and smells INCREDIBLE!  Like an orange grove in the sun.  I put it on before bed, and the scent sends me off to dreamland, instantly erasing the stresses of the day.

Hard to feel bad when you smell so good!

I will be trying the Chai Tea, Grapefruit Blossom and  Lavender Beeswax lotions  in the future..and maybe even the Nag Champa one if I’m feeling adventurous.


Next I’m forever grateful to Ina Garten, the fabulous Barefoot Contessa for bringing my humble cooking to the next level.  I’ve never made an Ina recipe that hasn’t  been perfectly delicious, and I doubt I ever will…she’s that good.

Here’s one of her recipes I’m making to bring to my mom for Thanksgiving…a sweet treat for a hardworking caregiver….


Recipe here…


Thank you, Ina, for all the books and shows.  I’m a grateful cook!

Finally, I’m grateful for my family, and my three sons, all wonderful works in progress….but this Thanksgiving, I’m most grateful for the THE most patient man in the Free World, my best date, my husband Ed….and the Bruno Mars tickets he scored for me last week didn’t’ hurt!!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving and treasure what’s good.  It’s all around us…~



Are you ready to toss your TV out the window?

Rip your phone off wall and throw it out? (If you’re ancient, and still HAVE a landline…)

If you answered “yup,” chances are it’s election season, and never has their been one as polarizing and difficult as this one!



People who know me know I am passionate about politics.  I do not discuss politics on this site, however, as it’s suppose to be a fun and uplifting place to come.  Politics, at least today’s version, has become a blood sport, pitting family members against each other, as well as friends and co-workers.

So, with help from fellow blogger Shannon Abels, I’ve devised what I think are some solid guidelines to get you through the next few months without losing your mind..

1. Seek out the truth

Often the important issues can’t be summarized in a tweet or news clip.  It takes time and patience and more than just skimming the headlines for you to learn the truth.  Especially with today’s media being, shall we say, agenda’d on both sides.  Be sure you are seeking out reputable sources, and just shut off CNN and FOX New altogether.

2. Converse to gain understanding.

The other day, I had a long political conversation with a Starbucks manager, in her mid-forties.  She was Black, Gay and adopted.  Listening to her, I was able to ascertain why she is voting the way she is, and, even though she and I are not in agreement about a lot of things, I now understand at least where her fears lie, and why she is voting the way she is.  We each have or own things that are really important to us, and no one candidate solves them all. Having civil conversation allows us to at least gain a better understanding of each other.

3. Determine if you have a willing audience for discussion

Nothing appalls me more, from either side, than a  person ASSUMING that everyone thinks like they do. They are the ones who will say at a dinner party “can you imagine the idiots voting for —- and how stupid can you be?” Facebook is different, because you know your audience and can control the privacy settings. But out in public, well, you’ve heard the saying “never assume…It makes an ASS out of U and ME!”  And just because a person lives in a heavily red or heavily blue state, does not mean they don’t think for themselves and follow the majority.

4. Seek depth, not soundbites

Soundbites lack context, but time is valuable: therefore, that is often all we hear or see. Please  be aware that there is always more to the story.

5. Watch or listen to debates

Sometimes, even the greatest pundits can’t cover up the lack of knowledge of a subject, or the extreme ideas or opinions of a candidate.  Truth speaks as candidates debate.

6. Seek out quality information, but less of it.

Read a paper or two, and limit yourself to about 15 minutes a night of political news from as unbiased a source as you can find…hard, I know.  After that, take a deep breath, and shift your focus.

It’s going to be a loooooong season.  Pace yourself, become an EDUCATED voter, then do your civic duty and VOTE!

Pumpkin is up next!

I found what looks to be a delightful recipe for pumpkin brioche in this months edition of  one of my favorite magazines, Victoria..



This will be a perfect accompaniment to my Bouef Carbonadde recipe ….


It appears to take most of the day to make, but since I am having  guests tonite, I will attempt to make the effort and report back next time!  You can see the above photo, and my “finished product” side by side, and decide for yourself!  The recipe can be found on Victoriamagazine.com

Polish time!  You ladies know about my obsession with nail polish by now, and particularly about Smith and Cult nail polish.  Great wear, easy application with a super flat brush, and THE.BEST.COLORS…

These are the three I love this season…The first is called  “1976” (because it reminded the color chemist of her moms rose gold lame dress from the disco days…I was there in ’76, and Yup! They got it right! )

My other two seasonal favorites are called “Darjeeling Darling”, a gorgeous Autumn green, and “Dark Like Me,” and lovely burgundy.

Buy them at Newman Marcus or here ….http://www.smithandcult.com/nailed-lacquer.html


fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender fullsizerender-2

Pouts!!…Have you seen the new seasonal trend in lip color?  Dark as the night, matted and in your face…(or at least on your lips!)

The new shades are gorgeous…deep plums, blues, violets..colors we’ve never seen on lips..

The problem is, they look AMAZING on young girls, but not so much on “we of the older and wiser generation”..

So I did a little research and found just the one.  By Urban Decay, this line blew me away with color…



But putting them on my lips was waaaay tooo Bella Lugosi-esque!  Barnabus Collins would dig it, but my family would have been horrified.


So I settled for one from the Urban Decay line called “Seismic”, that had all the pigment and color of the deep, lovely violet, but with none of the matte, and it was delightfully moisterizer  to boot!




So now you can talk politics without getting tarred and feathered, bake a delicious pumpkin brioche, have beautifully colored nails AND wear the dark lip trend without being embalmed first!

And you thought you were just reading some little blog post…


Have a fantastic Columbus Day Weekend, and Wear Your Crowns! ~








imageWith Memorial Day upon us, I want to share some Crown~Worthy  things that, in my humble opinion, will enhance the all too brief summer experience. Remember, I’m from Boston…our summers last about ten weeks, our winters five months. Summers are sacred in New England.

SO! Having said that, here’s my SUMMER 2016 Hall of Fame Crown~Worthy list!

I love my champagne, but I love it even more, sitting on a beach, watching the sunset.

Veuve Clicquot Rose is the perfect drink for a special sandy sunset. It’s light, like the Rose we enjoy all summer, but with a magical taste of bubbly goodness, and SO pretty🍾 . It’s hard not to smile when enjoying a glass. Treat yourself at least once this summer. You owe it to yourself!

Summer tends to play havoc with my hair, newly silver. Between the UVA rays, salt water and dry heat, delicate gray shades don’t stand a chance. White becomes yellow in no time, and not in a good way.

After a year-long search, I finally found the perfect shampoo for white, silver and platinum.

Aveda Blue Malva is a joy to use. Smells like I think Heaven would smell (if I ever get there😉), and when your hair dries, it’s bright, silver and luminescent. Not a trace of dull yellow, and it feels like silk. Highly rated online, highly recommended by me. A Crown~Worthy  find a year in the making, but not cheap. It runs about $38 per bottle, but it’s 33 ounces, so you’ll use it awhile.


I can see a difference in my hair since using it, even in photos….



Next on the list…

I searched far and wide for a summer nail color I wouldn’t get tired of. One that was neutral enough to go with everything, but not boring like most neutrals. (I will never be accused of being boring!)

I saw this on a model in a magazine and eureka! That was it, and the search was on…


I finally found it, but it was sold out everywhere, forcing me to buy it direct from the company and pay shipping, which I was not happy about. But it’s mine, it’s on my feet and toes, and it makes me smile every time I look at it, so it’s all good!

It’s by a company called Smith and Cult, and while the names are insane, the colors are gorgeous. This green is called “Bitter Buddhist” of all things, but it’s a subtle, grayish green that reminds me of a Monet. The wear is great and, if you are into that kind of aesthetic, the bottle is gorgeous.

You can find it at Neiman Marcus, if you’re lucky, and other places online if not sold out. But I bought it direct from the company because when I finally found it, I had to have it.

Heres a cute article from the Huffington Post about the company and the crazy names of the colors..



Next up, a water bottle that A. Looks sleek B. Keeps your water cold FOR TWELVE HOURS IN A HOT CAR….it’s true, I tested it, and may I introduce my new favorite thing…


Produced by the company S’well, these bottles are it for me!

Ranging around $35. per bottle, I’ve seen them in Starbucks and Barnes and Noble Cafes. Target sells the cheaper, smaller version of their bottle, but when it comes to water, go big or go home!
How pretty is this limited edition rose gold one….?
Oh, and did I neglect to point out that it keeps the above referenced champagne, or any other wine, ice-cold for an outdoor picnic?  And yes, it’s keeps your hot coffee steaming all day in the cold weather, but we aren’t going THERE today.🌞

Here we have a make your own ice cream sandwich kit from Williams Sonoma. SO cute, and you can customize all day long to make the perfect sandwich. I’m famous for my ice cream sandwhich cookies for the beach parties our extended family gathers at. This makes it so much easier. Why spend your precious time on anything but being creative?

My favorite is combo is salted caramel gelato, the sandwich dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with crushed cashews. The options are endless and we’ve been known to use anything from pop rocks to crystallized ginger! The kit is super easy to use, and  at a $19.95 price point for three, it pays for itself in no time!

You can purchase this at Williams Sonoma in store or online.


At last but not least, while I am a HUGE proponent of shutting off the TV and being outside as much as possible in the precious summer, here’s one hilarious show I found recently to binge watch if you have a rainy day.

Silicon Valley, an HBO comedy centered around the high-tech industry, is uproariously funny, or as one of my male friends said “freakin brilliant!”

It’s the story of a team of nerdy but brilliant computer guys naively navigating the cut throat Hi Tech industry of Silicon Valley. Having two computer engineers in the family, (how do you think I set UP this crazy blog?!), I can tell you from my sideline observation that the show is dead on, and funnier than it has a right to be! Now in its third season on HBO, it’s available for streaming. Enjoy!


Wherever your summer takes you, whatever you eat, drink, shampoo with or watch, have a GLORIOUS SUMMER and savor each and every day, and have a Crown~Worthy Memorial Day Weekend❤️👸🏼~


Well, hello SPRING! That’s what I’m loving most, even if it WILL snow tonight. I’ll be walking the beach and picnicking in no time!

I’ve talked about this before, but about four times a year, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra join forces to produce a free 21 day meditation challenge. The first one I did, about two years ago, changed my life. I came to realize that whatever I was lacking, or whatever I needed, was right there inside me and always had been.   I just needed to make the time to access it.   That knowledge empowered me to make major changes in the way I think and the way I look at the world, and I’m better for it.  I look forward to their challenges now, each one focusing on a different thing.

Starting Monday, they are offering a new meditation challenge centered around weight and weight loss. If you need to lose weight, I urge you to participate. You won’t be sorry. It only takes about 17 minutes a day, and after twenty one days, you will think differently about your body, I promise!!

I’ve recently lost twenty pounds, but understand that keeping it off is going to be the real challenge, so I’m ALL IN for this one!


Just go to Oprah.com and find the above link to register. You will thank me!

The next thing I love was introduced to me when I was on my weight loss program recently. The diet, (The Fast Metabolism Diet, highly recommended,) requires that you drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Yikes!!! For someone who doesn’t like to drink anything but coffee or wine, this was a challenge. Then I found La Croix sparkling water at my local Whole Foods, and became instantly hooked. It’s a sparking water that’s flavored with essence of natural fruits, no calories, no sodium, nothing artificial. SO REFRESHING, I can drink it all day.  With favors like coconut, cucumber mint, mango, pear, etc., you can shake it up!




Another thing I’m loving.. The new show Vinyl on HBO is a rollicking ride through the seventies music scene. Produced by Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger, it’s a take no prisoners story of the excess of the seventies. Sex, drugs and rock n roll as only Martin and Mick could tell it.


And the cast??? Powerhouse Bobby Canavale soars as the coke’d up record producer Richie Finestra, with the golden ear for great music. Olivia Wilde plays his recovering wife, and GREAT PERFORMAMCES by Micks son James Jagger, Juno Temple, Andrew Dice Clay, and Ray Romano like you’ve never seen him. Hang on to your hat…especially if you remember the early seventies! When the Emmys roll around again, bet money of this!!!

Next.. After a long drab winter, it’s a bright OPI red for my nails. Nothing says Spring like Chick Flick Cherry


And finally, I’m loving my muse, Jesse, snoozing in the sunlight of the first Spring day.

imageHave an AMAZING SPRING, and a lovely week~❤️🌷💐🌸🌹


I never really struggled with weight before.

When I turn fifty, I thought I needed a “tune up”, so I lost 22 pounds, simply by cranking UP the excercise and cutting DOWN on the food. Nothing fancy, easy peasy, it took 12 weeks.

Enter the Big M.

Menopause, when I finally went through it a 57, Kicked.My.Ass.

It seemed like I was gaining two pounds a week😩🔫.!!!

By Christmas, I had exceeded my 9 month pregnant weight, and I’m 5’2!!!! My hips and knees had been aching for months, my blood pressure was creeping up, and for the first time in my life, my cholesterol was high. I don’t eat much meat, fried food or dairy, as I prefer seafood, veggies and fruit, so that will tells you how compromised my metabolism had become. Puberty in reverse!

Desperate time called for desperate measures…..
and that’s when an angel appeared. My friend Jackie, a foodie who works on a national cooking show, came to the local coffee shop for the first time in months looking GREAT! Her skin was glowing, and she looked svelte. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me about the Fast Metabolism Diet.



This diet, by nutritionist Haley Pomeroy, has already changed my life in 25 short days.

Be warned, it’s not easy to follow, and there is sacrifice involved…..

The list of “no’s” would kill a lesser woman, but as I said, desperate times….
No alcohol
No sugar
No wheat
No dairy
No artificial sweeteners (I’m a Sweet and Lo addict!)
No processed foods
And the biggest sacrifice…. NO CAFFEINE! Not even DECAF! 😩😱☕️

And if that’s not bad enough, you have to drink HALF your weight in ounces of water each day!
I think I now know every restroom location North of Boston!

After I got over the initial shock, I decided to take the plunge, and on January 1st, I jumped on with both feet.

By the end of day on, I was experiencing a withdrawal headache. By day two, I was a sick as I’ve been in years, seriously withdrawing from sugar, alcohol, caffeine and saccharin . I will never forget how I felt, and I now have a new respect for what I put in my body, and how it effects me.

But I soldiered on, and a funny thing happened. The needle on the scale started dropping….and dropping…and dropping!

With three days left (it’s a 28 day program), I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, and the best part is, I’ve lost ALL MY FOOD CRAVINGS, and I’m NEVER HUNGRY! I also no longer have ANY of the aches or pains from my hips and knees that have plagued me for two years!!

All this is 26 days!

Can I get an AMEN!!!!!

The diet is not easy to follow. The week is broken down into three phases, and in each phase you eat different types of food. Two days of carbs, two days of all protein, and three days of good fats like hummus, avocado, eggs and curry! The food is tasty, depending on how you prepare it. Unlimited veggies, all real food, no calorie counting, no stress.


You are switching phases every two days, so it’s kind of hard to keep up with, but what it essentially does is confuse your metabolism. By doing that, it resets itself, and because you are eating fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains, as organic as you can find, you are always providing high quality nourishment for your body, and it pays off. No fake diet food, no dangerous pills, just food that we were designed to eat and thrive on.

I feel great now and am sleeping better as well.

Also, if I haven’t sold you already, the more weight you have to loose, the more food you must eat!!

When this phase ends on Thursday, I intend to treat myself for a few days. There is a blood orange martini out there with my name on it, and a pastry or two…..and maybe the Eggs Benedict with sweet potato hash from my favorite breakfast place.

But on Monday, I will get back on the horse and lose the last seven, maybe even by Valentines Day.
The author then suggests  you do a week of the diet once a month to keep your metabolism cranking. That’s a small price to pay for being healthy and enjoying food.

The is the find of the decade for me, and I enthusiastically give it five crowns!!!!!

Stay healthy and have a great week! I will raise a victory martini on the weekend and see you next week ~


Winter in New England.

Since the days of the Pilgrim, we New Englanders have been enduring.

Mountains of snow with nowhere to put it, ice that never seems to melt, no matter how much salt you apply. A transit system built-in the 1800’s that can’t possibly withstand another winter, but does with break downs daily. Bone weary cold, gray days.

So we hunker down, find ways to be happy, and things to look forward to.

The Super Bowl is a huge event (even when our Beloved Patriots AREN’T in it, which isn’t often!)

Valentines Day is next, but that can be a “salt in the wound” day for those not in love.

Every Bostonian is Irish on St. Party’s Day, and next thing you know, it’s Opening Day at Fenway Paaak, and Marathon Monday! Spring returns, and we’ve stared down another winter, tough as we are.

We aren’t, however, immune to the damage winter does to our skin and hair.

The week the heat gets turned on inside is the week we start slathering…..oil, lotions, cream, moisture, moisture, moisture!

Here are a few things I CANNOT.SURVIVE.WITHOUT over the cruelest of seasons….


By my favorite hair product line of all time, Bumble and Bumble, this hairdressers oil has CHANGED my hair. (Especially now that I am growing out to grey, and grey hair is more brittle), this light weight oil is magic. Two drops, rubbed into your hair after shampoo, and your hair is shiny and healthy all winter, with no fly away static! It’s pricey at $37. a bottle, but it will be the only one you buy, lasting like, ever! They also have smaller sizes at Sephora, so check there, as well. I wrote about this in the oil last summer as well, but it’s so good it bears repeating..


Next, Josie Maran Argon Oil. An oil so light, it melts into your skin in minutes and stays put, offering protection from drying heat and bitter cold air. It’s so light you can use it alone, but I mix a drop into my moisturizer AND a drop into my foundation when I wear it. Within minutes, no oils sheen, just a nice supple look. REALLY good stuff as our skin ages and gets thinner. You can use it on your hair as well, but I like the Bumble Oil better.


Next, from Rosebud Perfume Company, this little tub of salve, fairly tinted pink with light rose scent, can be used on your lips, elbows, knees and even your grandbabys bottom. It’s that pure, but oh so effective at eliminating dry chapped lips and skin. I keep several pots in my car, on my nightstand in all pockets and I honestly never have dry lips anymore.

Finally, if you have less than perfect skin, I urge you to try this next product.


Touché Éclat Blur Primer by Yves SaintLaurent was the years BIG FIND for me. Use it before putting on your makeup and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It smoothes your skin to silk! Fills in the tiny lines, scars, etc, and unlike most blur creams, it actually has tiny teeny gold flecks that you almost can’t see. (If you look closely at my inadequate picture above, you can see the flecks.) But when you apply it to your face, you radiate like a Golden Goddess! Pure health in a bottle. Perfect if you’ve been on a long flight or had too much to drink, or BOTH!😉 Just massage it into your skin and wait for it to melt into liquid glow.

Also sold at Sephora, be prepared for sticker shock, and be prepared for it to be sold out!

Winter is here again, and we may as well make it brilliant.
Bundle up, get out there and have an amazing weekend ~


It’s started, whether you like it or not, the holiday shopping season.

Here are a few things I would love to see under MY tree😉




Feather light, like a warm, soft hug for your feet, cashmere socks are the ultimate luxury. Perfect to wear in your winter boots, these by Garnet Hill are the ones to buy. 100% cashmere, no blends here. Lovely colors, and while expensive, can you put a price on pure happiness??


Next, moisture is your best friend in the harsh New England winters. Your skin needs it, and your nasal passages will thank you as well, for this next gift.

How cute is this portable, aroma diffusing, warm mist humidifier that glows with soft light in the dark?

By Aliexpress.com, at a $31. price point, it’s a great grab gift or stocking stuffer for your girlfriends, or a perfect addition to a chilly college dorm room. Buy two, one for your bed, one for your office..


The next little slice of Heaven is from UGGS.Com
Cozy yet practical, these shearling, fingerless gloves are indispensable. If you’re like me, and can’t take enough photos of the beauty in the chilly outdoors, OR if you are a teenage girl and glued to Tumbler/Tinder/IG/FB texting, tweeting, etc., etc., and on and on…😩 (look UP once in awhile…It’s a beautiful world!), I digress…..these are for you. You need to keep those busy hands warm, and what better way to do it than with these babies…UGGS really knows how to blend warmth and practicality with style. I love this color, but they come in five…pricey for $145, but then they are UGGS!!



Next, a great book filled with three of my favorite things…Hope, Optimism and FOOD!

“MY KITCHEN YEAR, 136 Recipes that SAVED MY LIFE”, by Ruth Reichl, is part memoir, part cookbook, (a twofer!)

Ruth was the longtime editor of Gourmet Magazine, loving her job and her life. When the magazine abruptly closed, she was unprepared and lost. Each day was a challenge to rebuild and redefine herself in her midlife, a daunting task. But with a lot of courage, and a KILLER repertoire of comforting recipes, Ruth put one step in front of the other and literally cooked her way to solid ground once again.

I loved her pluck, her spirit, and her recipe for three day short ribs !!! Crown Worthy accomplishment, this book and her comeback❤️



You need a good candle, or twelve, in the winter, and these are the best on planet Earth. I promise.  By Diptyque Paris, this Feu de Bois candle smells like a crackling fireplace in a country cottage…in the woods…with pine cones..and a glass of champagne…and your honey beside you….can you smell it now😉?? WWW.diptyqueparis.com

Not cheap, but very high quality burn and scent is indescribable. You just have to trust me.  $60. For a large candle, but much class expensive than buying a cottage in the woods!


Finally, grab your best girlfriends, and give them a gift that will last the Winter,(and help you survive the gloom!)
Plan one night a week, buy some good wine, make some delicious apps, and watch one or two episodes of this HILARIOUS comedy!
Easily the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time. A perfect “girls night in” show..(which also made my handsome husband laugh out loud, too many times to count), this is the story of two lifelong BFF’s who haven’t been able to count on the men in their lives, so they form their own little family when one gets pregnant. Played BRILLIANTLY by real life besties Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, you would swear they don’t have a script. Supporting actor Keegan Michael-Key is the maniaclly  funny scene stealer, and ever-still-hunky, Kenny Loggins makes an appearance in the season two finale. (If you watch the series, you see this coming a mile away!)😆

Whoever and however you gift, find the beauty in life this season, and enjoy the magic.

Have a lovely, Crown Worthy weekend ~


I’ve been a busy girl, and I’ve lost track of the months, but I think this is month 9 in the going gray transition.

I had to tweak it at the hairdresser this month. Nice only going every two months instead of every three weeks,  but it was necessary. My ends, which were bleached and highlighted to ease in the gray, were getting yellowish.

You remember Bridget, my “Color Whisperer” who missed her calling as a chemist??

I would take a bullet for this young lady, she’s that talented❤️

FullSizeRender 30

She highlighted my ends with a platinum white blonde this time, and it blends much more seamlessly with the gray.  The fact that the back of my hair is still 80 percent brunette is another story, but in its own time, I guess…

From this….


To this…….


We are making progress!

On to some Crown Worthy things for Fall…

The color garnet, which I can only wear in small bits, is reported to be huge this Fall. Apparently, so are crowns!!👍🙏👸


Next, continuing with the Crown theme (because you can’t have TOO many,) is this limited edition coffee travel mug I found at my local Starbucks yesterday.


How adorable is that?

It’s a heavy glass mug, with gold leaf trim.  Too heavy for my travels, but perfect for an office conversation starter.❤️

Starbucks must have received my “Wear Your Crowns” memo!

Next, because I bought my iPhone Six Plus two MONTHS ago, Apple released its latest version this week.

Let me state that I’m really not upset. I ADORE my 6 plus. It’s the first phone I’ve been actually able to read in, well, ever…the battery life is great and the camera A-mazing! It has even replaced my iPad on many occasions, the screen is that readable, the keyboard that user friendly!

The upgrades to the latest version includes a bit longer battery life, (I’m fine with 9 solid hours, thanks!), and a better camera. But if you read my last post, you know I’ve got a DSLR capable camera ATTACHED to my iPHONE, via the DXO…..way better than anything Apple has put out to date.


So I, not missing the improved camera.

I will say I love the new rose gold and pink phone….


Very girlie-girl….But I have this leather case from SENA cases, that’s strong for all the times I drop my phone (waay too much!)


Same color, much stronger, and who doesn’t use a cover anyway???

My last find is an oldie, but new to me.

I’ve struggled with soft, paper-thin finger nails my whole life.

I did the acrylic nail for about 12 years, which didn’t help. Actually made them worse.

Then I switched to gels, but had a bratty habit of peeling them off before I could get to the salon for a soak. A HUGE no-no, and I have been yelled at in four different Asian dialects because of it!😩 The nails got even softer..

I decided to get serious and do some research.

I found that this product, Nail Defense by Orly, has been a game changer.


That, and taking a biotin supplement took my nails from soft to this, in four months…


That’s Terra Mauve, which my manicurist   convinced me to wear for this pic. Great for Fall, but not really my cup of tea. I’m liking the darker shades this season.

Whatever  you dial with, shoot with, drink out of, or paint the town and your nails with….have an epic, Crown Worthy weekend!~


Summer is all about fun fingers and toes….

I’ve been loving this look for a hot summer wardrobe…



It doesn’t look it in the pics for some reason, but the color is a Tiffany’s blue (OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook with When Monkeys Fly overlaid on one nail.)

Just right for a pop of color and a little Summer sparkle. I love the gold flecks in When Monkeys Fly, and use it a lot throughout the year….but a little gold goes a long way, so be warned!

Next, if you know anything about me, you know that I am a huge advocate of meditation. Not the “sit on a cushion cross-legged and breath incense” type, but the “fifteen minutes a day, in a quiet place, to reset your brain” type.

It has had a profound effect on my life in the past few years, and I highly recommend it.

I got my start in meditation last summer, when I was at a low point in my life and struggling with some issues that just seemed unsolvable. After beating my head against the same door, day after day, I stumbled across a 21 Day Meditation challenge being offered free online, by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

It truly change me, and how I look at my life.

I haven’t been the same since.

I now know that no matter what is happening outside of me, and in the world around me, I have all I need if I just go deep inside. It’s all there. Peace, courage, hope, optimism. Everything I need to live well.

Its about how we view this life we are walking through, and meditation helps shift the perspective, from anger to peace, from fear to joy, worry to gratitude…its that powerful.

So I’m thrilled to report that starting this Monday, July 13th, Oprah and Deepak are at it again with the next 21 day meditation challenge, this one focusing on gratitude and grace.

I takes only about 18 minutes to listen to the message of the day and then meditate on it.

I drive to a wooded park on the way to work and sit in the car and do it. By the time I get to work, I’m ready for the day and all it brings…and I’m calm, centered and surprisingly more happy!

Try it! It’s only 18 minutes a day and it could change your life, too!

Sign up here https://chopracentermeditation.com

Let me know how you make out! I’d love to hear your experience. You have nothing to lose but 18 minutes a day, and SO much to gain!

Have a lovely,Tiffany colored weekend, with a sprinkle of gold dust ~


Homemade potato chips….You haven’t LIVED til you’ve tried them!

Easy Peasy to make, a “Knock It Out Of The Park” hit to bring to your Fourth of July BBQ next week.

All you need, and MUST HAVE, is a mandeline and a candy thermometer…..and about an hour.

Worth it, trust me.


Start with two large scrubbed Russet potatoes, sliced to the thickness of about a dime on your mandeline.

then soak them in ice water for about five minutes to get rid of excess starch. This is what makes them so crispy and light.


Drain well on a paper towel,

Heat regular olive oil (not extra virgin, as the oil will burn) in a dutch oven or heavy bottomed pot until it reaches a temperature of 300 degrees, then place the chips in, no more than the pot can hold comfortably. Stir gently with a spider of slotted spoon until desired color.

I like mine on the darker side.

Drain on a paper towel, sprinkle with sea salt to taste, and be prepared to never want to eat a potato chip from a bag ever again! Thin, crisp and light as a feather, but SO flavorful!

FullSizeRender 112


These keep well in a ziplock bag for several days, so make a big batch before your BBQ, pair it with this TO DIE FOR Caramelized Onion Dip from OMG! ONION MADE GOODNESS

FullSizeRender 113

found at most grocery chains like Hannefords and Stop and Shop

and be prepared to be the BBQ MVP!

On to another Crown Worthy tip….

Have you seen this makeup tutorial from NewBeauty.com?

Amazing and easy to follow, with GREAT makeup recommendations. I’ve tried a lot of these products myself and can vouch for their quality and worth.



If you have a big event coming up this year and want to look your best, give it a look!

Even though it’s pouring in Boston today, it’s a good day to take off the Crown and polish it a little so it will sparkle like a firecracker on the Fourth of July!

Have a great day ~


I finally found it! A GREAT self-tanning product that doesn’t make you look like you have a ghastly skin disease!

If you’ve been following this blog, by now you know how I feel about sunbathing.

Dangerous, and at our age dumb. Show me a sunbather over fifty and I will show you age spots and crocodile skin.

And that’s if you’re lucky!

So I have become a self tanning devotee.

I’ve tried spray tanning, one great, two not so, and every self tanning product on the market, from the expensive St. Tropez to any drug store tube worth a look.

None have done the job til now.



When using a self tanner, you are first supposed to exfoliate within an inch of your life. After applying the product with the precision of a drill sergeant, you have to walk around naked, to air dry, for at least a half hour. Yikes!

Not with this baby!

I slapped it on, and was dressed within five minutes. I even apply it to my FACE every night before I go to bed. NO streaks, NO blotches!!

One word of advice. This comes in two shades, light and deep bronze.

I am a medium skin toned woman, and the light bronze is MORE than enough.

No more chicken white legs! No more skin cancer!

Healthy Summer skin for twelve bucks at your local drug store.


You’re welcome!!

Have cocktails on the beach tonite to celebrate the first day of what will be a long, bronzed, glorious Summer…and don’t forget to bring the Crown~



Happy Monday!

Weight loss update…

Week One –

3.4 pounds down!

I’m thrilled! That’s about 13 sticks of butter. Good first week!

Not kidding myself though.

I had just come back from vaca and was getting hormonal, (yes, STILL, at 56 1/2!!) so I know most of that was water weight.

But I will shut up and take it.

And I even treated myself….outstanding Asian food Thursday night (Thank you, ALL Season Table in Malden…The ONLY place to eat amazing Asian IMHO!)







Drunken Noodles and Sushi Heaven.

And I had two glasses of champagne Friday night!

My kind of diet.

The rest of the week, Keeping It Simple, Stupid!

Greek Yogurt or hard-boiled egg, banana for breakfast with my HiTest Starbucks dark roast (with cream!).

Lunch was salad with chicken or shrimp and lots of veggies. Trader Joes Orange Champagne vinegar for dressing.




Snack was a peach or berries.

Dinner consisted of chicken, shrimp or crab, brown rice, steamed or sautéed broccoli or green beans.

Snack was an always amazing glass of Rosé and a piece of cheese.

Lots of Pellegrino water on ice with lemon…and I walked 25 mins in the AM, 25 mins in the PM, and did yoga once.

And I made sure I always had a good book to read to keep me amused.

This week I’m reading Three Many Cooks by Anderson, Keet and D’amelio.

A great read if you’re a foodie.



Ironically, a book about family cooks and how food is a big part of their history. I have found that READING about food actually takes the edge off. I love food so much that I love reading about it as much as I love eating it or cooking it❤️ And this is a lively one. I can almost smell and taste the food they are regaling.

SO, week one in the books, a success.

Have a lovely, lite week, and take care of YOU, first❤️ ~


OK….it’s time.

The last time I ventured into diet territory, I was just turning Fifty and wanted to do it well.

I cut back on portions (I eat good, healthy food as a rule), cranked my exercise up to a one hour walk in the morning, one half hour of dance and calisthenics at night, and poof! Twenty two pounds in three months with NO pain, all gain.

THEN, at the ripe old age of 56, I FINALLY started entering menopause…

And it’s Kicking*My*Ass!

Almost ten pounds this year alone, doing nothing different. Twenty total since Fifty.

I have cut out dinner, then night-time snacking (in that order…priorities!)…and still, the weight is rolling into my skinny jeans like the tide. Unstoppable.

Since I now have a knee that is cranky and a hip that did not appreciate my taking up running again last year, and won’t let me forget it, I can no longer “crank” the exercise to one and a half hours per day.

SO, time to diet.

I need to lose 20 pounds, but ten by Summer’s end

If you are waiting for me to admit my weight, you will have a long wait. Some things are for my eyes only. But I will tell you that, according to the BMI, my 5’2, muscular little body is a whisper away from being obese. A word that horrifies me. I’m healthy, perfect blood pressure, great cholesterol, strong heart, but OBESE? No,THANK YOU!!

So It starts today, June 1st, and YOU, dear reader, will be my conscience. No matter what, I will report back here every Monday with news, good or bad, succeed or fail.

You are coming along for the ride…

Please be kind!

I hate diet plans. Weighing, measuring, scheduling…aaaaaahhh! Not for me. I LOVE FOOD, and cook and bake as other people paint, garden or write. It’s my hobby, for christsake!! 😭

I will have to take up ceramics or pottery or yodeling for the time being, but it’s a small price for a smaller frame. My mandoline will now be used for julienne veggies instead of homemade potato chips. It feels like La petite mort, (French for little death) and it IS! But it’s for my health, and for preventing La BIG Mort, so I will soldier on…

I’ve devised my own diet, aligned to how I’ve live my life so I know I will stick to it (minus the croissant, ice cream or lobster rolls..)

I call it the KISS diet. “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Here it goes….

AM  – large glass of hot water and lemon, to flush liver and jump-start metabolism. I do this daily already.

One egg or Greek yogurt 1%, and a small banana for potassium. One large, strong cup of Starbucks Dark Roast, with sweet and low and a dash of cream. Yes, half and half cream. Calcium, right? (Some things I just won’t give up! Not even for skinny jeans.)


lettuce, kale, spinach, tomato, cuke, red, orange, green peppers, French green bean, broccoli, mushroom, any combo, with a protein of grilled chicken, shrimp, black bean, cannelini bean, chickpeas or hard-boiled egg.


A piece of fruit, a handful of berries or a half of a KIND Bar.


any of the above proteins with the addition of steamed lobster meat (no butter) when I can afford it!! or a good piece of broiled fish, with steamed brown rice or quinoa, and a summer vegetable like zucchini, or a starch veggie like sweet potato or carrot.


A few cubes of a good cheese, a handful of nuts or a few slices of cold sweet potato if I haven’t had it for a meal.


But just one. Because I work hard. And I love myself. And wine. And it’s good for my heart…..OK?????

Once a week, I will go out and have what I want, within reason. But that will most likely be a sugar filled lemon or Cosmo martini. I prefer to drink my calories on a diet ; ) and some oysters or pate with crostini or good bread. Or a big, bad bowl of spaghetti and meatballs..or a delicious piece of filet mignon with pomme frites or a decadent lobster mac and cheese or a crusty slice of cheese drenched oily pizza…somebody STOP ME!!!!

OK, I’m recovered….

The other caveat is that I don’t like PLAIN food, so the veggies and protein will be heavily seasoned…I AM a cook, after all!  Some I use are….

Trader Joe’s Orange Champagne vinegar, absolutely delicious as a salad dressing. You won’t miss the oil!!

Any spice with Emerils name on it.

Old Bay for shrimp and chicken

Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a splash of good EVOO where needed.

So that’s it! It can ALL be cooked in advance and assembled at the last-minute, heated or cold, which helps, because I’m a busy gal.

Combine that with a half hour morning walk, a half hour evening walk, some dancing when the mood hits, and a yoga class every week, and I should be good. If not, TOUGH! I will live with the weight. This is sound, healthy and what I am willing to do. If it doesn’t get the ten pounds off by September, and 20 by 2016, I will throw away the skinny jeans, buy some cool boyfriend jeans and blousy tops, and love myself anyway.

If it goes well, I may post pictures. If it doesn’t, you have a long wait…use your imagination, LOL!

Life is too short to not love yourself regardless

At the end of the day, if you know you give your all, Your all is ENOUGH!

Here we GO!!!!

Have a healthy week and love yourself first ~



It’s been awhile since we talked about Crown Worthy beauty products.

I’m going to focus on three hair products today, all from the same line, that never, ever, (or evah if you’re in Boston) fail!

All from Bumble and Bumble, my favorite hair products of all time.

The first is a miracle oil….



Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil has been the single product I credit for keeping my hair shiny and healthy through all the coloring, (and color stripping) over the years.  Don’t be deceived by the feather light weight of this oil.  Two drops, yes, just TWO drops before blow drying, and your hair will be sleek and shiny but not weighted down or slick.  If you don’t believe me, put a few drops on your hand and rub.  Then see how it literally melts into your skin, leaving no trace of oil….just a soft,smooth surface that feels great.

THAT’S why they call it “invisible.”

Your hair will be shiny, soft and healthy…

and it won’t look like an Exxon Valdez oil spill, which is what happens with a lot of the argon oils I have tried recently. UGH! Who needs oily looking and feeling hair that you have to wash every day?



Even if you put several drops of this baby into your hair, it STILL doesn’t feel oily.  I experimented once and put 20 drops in my hair, and it was NOT oily!

This oil won the coveted “Best of Beauty Award” from Allure Magazine in 2014 for best hair product.  And it IS.   Great for dry summer sun damaged hair, but I use it year round and swear by it.

It’s not cheap at $39.00 for 3.4 ounces, but you can buy the cheaper travel size and that will last you up to a year.

The second is something called Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray…..a great product for beachy summer hair.  Spray it on damp, clean hair and either air dry or blow dry without too much styling. Your result will be crazy cute, wavy hair like you had as a child when you spent the day swimming in the ocean.



Think Giselle at the beach, only older and poorer….


and who wants to blow dry in the summer anyway?  Heat on heat is not my idea of summer fun. Give your locks a break and put away the blow dryer and pick up the Surf Spray.  You will achieve a tossed, “I Don’t Care” look that will suit you.  Trust me on this one.

The third product is the one that has finally allowed me to achieve the kind of volume I love, but can’t usually get with my heavy thick hair.



Dryspun finish is a spray that creates texture and volume galore, but goes on light as air.  Great for thin hair as well, spray this generously on your roots…you won’t feel anything at first, because this spray is that light, and you may think the only thing in the can IS air…. but when  your done, you will see your volume explode right before your eyes.  VaVOOM!  KAPOW!  BIG HAIR!  Not sticky or gooey like hair spray, this product literally does feel like air when it’s being sprayed.  But you will know it’s there when you look in the mirror and see all that HAIR.

Great for women who have noticed some thinning over the years, but hate the stiff hair sprayed look.

You can get all these products at the better hair salons, at Sephora, or online at http://www.Bumbleandbumble.com

So there you have it.  Products for hair so lovely you may want to give The Crown a break!

Have a windswept day in May ~


Here comes the Fierce part of  the Wear Your Crowns blog…..Fun, yes.  Feisty, sure. Fabulous, always.  Today, Fierce…You’ve been warned!

The first Monday in May is designated “Melanoma Monday.”

This melanoma survivor would like you to know a few things…




I am lucky to be alive.  In 2004, I went to my derm with a small, strange-looking mole on my chest.  He sent me home.  “Nothing to worry about”, and I am here to tell  you that when a doctor says that to me, I say “great, no problem..move on…next issue!”

Fast forward one year later.  At my annual GYN check up  the doctor asks, “What’s that on your chest?”  I reply, “I know they are tiny…but they’re my breasts!!” She, “No, that other tiny thing”….. “Oh that.  I had it checked a year ago.  Derm said it’s nothing and I’ve been watching it and it hasn’t changed..”  She..”Get it checked again,….immediately.”

So back to the Dismissive Derm Doc, presenting with the same mole from a year prior, and now it’s  “OH, that needs to come off RIGHT AWAY!”

Long story short, two surgeries, lots of scarring and pain….stage one melanoma.  Considering how fast melanoma spreads, and that fact that it sat on my chest for over a year, I am truly lucky to still be here. All it takes is for one tiny cell to break away and enter your bloodstream, and it’s game over. Now I must be checked every six months, and have had more biopsies than I care to count. But it is what it is, so I stay in the shade, and count my blessings.

Melanoma is referred to in the cancer community as “The Beast”, as it is tremendously difficult to treat, and can pretty much attack anywhere.  Think about it.  The skin is your largest organ, covering your entire body.  Unlike breast cancer, which grows in your breasts, melanoma grows on  your skin, which means it can strike anywhere, INCLUDING your eyes, under your nails, inside  your mouth or nose, your scalp, your vagina, and other places you don’t generally examine.  And when it spreads, it spreads quickly to the heart, brain, lungs and then it’s game over.

The GOOD news, is that if you are vigilant, you can catch it before that one tiny cell breaks off and enters your bloodstream, and have a 95% cure rate.

Just think ABCDE…


Danger to our health notwithstanding, as we get older, the sun really does a number on us.  Is there ANYTHING as unattractive and aging as sun spots on our skin, or that leathery look that comes from mature skin marinated by years in the sun?  Does anything age us faster than laying by the pool or beach with no hat, no sunscreen….no brain?? At twenty it may be a “look”, at 50 it’s sad and maybe a little desperate. Invest in a good bronzer, ladies, and spare you skin and possibly your health.


We wonder why British and French women look better as they get older? They don’t fry and sizzle under the sun, trying to look “healthy” like we American women do. I would hardly call skin the color of my living room couch “healthy looking”, but that’s just me.

Finally, and I’m sorry if this offends some, but I am saying it anyway because it is my blog…..To all you mothers who take your daughters to tanning salons for prom, graduation, vacation, etc…..”WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!!  WOULD YOU LIGHT HER CIGARETTE, TOO???  DO YOU KNOW THAT TANNING SALONS ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE SUN EVER COULD BE?  HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SPRAY TANS??  DOES YOUR DAUGHTER’S LIFE MEAN MUCH TO YOU?? Your risk of melanoma increases 70% with exposure to tanning beds.  Grow a spine, set an example and just say NO!”

OK, I’m done, but that had to be said.  It’s long overdue.

Check your skin, wear loads of sunscreen to avoid looking like an aging spotted owl, and stay the #*$%& out of tanning salons! Your body and health will thank you.

That is all.

Have a lovely, glowing, spray tanned week~


The transition…..

JANUARY, the fun begins…(Such big hair!)


February….lighter highlites…


March, lighter still….gaining courage.


April, we stripped out the color….no more ROOTS! Bring on the gray!


May, the front is just about done, back will follow in its own sweet time….sort of like a kinder, gentler Cruella de Vil…


All I need now is a monthly glaze, which costs less than a blow out, to keep it looking fresh and not yellowish.

Feeling pretty good about it! Getting a handle on the need to have bolder makeup and color, to prevent fading into the background…..something I’ve never been accused of!

And because we “femmes de certain age” are the new trend setters, here’s the latest Pretty Young Thing to hop on the gray bandwagon..

FullSizeRender 106

Yes, that’s Hillary Duff this week, rocking the gray!

Some women spend time trying to look like their daughters. The confident ones know that their daughters are trying to look like us!

The young darlins call this “Granny Chic”….Sorry gals, I’m not a granny, but imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, so I’ll take it!

Have a lovely weekend. Especially all you confident, not afraid of age, Crown Wearing Silver Sisters ~


Patience has never been one of my virtues.  I want things to happen instantly, always have.  You did not want to be around me during my pregnancies.  For the life of me, I could not understand why I couldn’t just conceive, buy a crib, then give birth already!

But I digress….

So yesterday, I went back to Bridgette, my color whisperer, and rather loudly stated that I’ve had enough!  I have about 1.1 inches of silver at my root line, and I was done waiting.  I wanted to just go grey, and be done with it


Without even an eye roll, and the patience of a saint, Bridgette went to her color palette and launched yet another plan.  Today, we would strip a lot of the color out of the front of my hair and crown,  then put in a glaze that was a mixture of pearl and violet.

VIOLET?  I may be impatient, darling girl, but I’m not nuts!  The Saint then explained that the only way to cancel out blonde, yellows and golds is with a white and a purple toner….OK?? Let’s do it.

Then I took a deep breath and she went to town, mixing and measuring till she had me in the sink with Gak colored hair.

FullSizeRender 98

After dying about a thousand deaths waiting  and worrying, I was rinsed and styled, and very happy. Here’s the transitions so far..

Month one…


Month two…



Month three…



and now this…and YES, there is still SNOW in the background!!!

IMG_1764 At first glance, I was kind of taken aback.  I thought, “Oh, so THIS is what it’s like to be old..”  But that thought quickly was replaced by these…”I NO LONGER HAVE TO GO TO THE SALON EVERY FOUR WEEKS! ” ” I CAN SAVE A SMALL FORTUNE! ” “I CAN WEAR BRIGHT LIPSTICK AGAIN” and then my favorite epiphany…..”I’d rather be a young looking older lady, than an old looking younger lady.”

As my natural color grows out,  it will be more silver/white than this, so it will give me some time to adjust makeup and wardrobe colors.  But at least now I can be patient!


Have a lovely weekend! ~






I use to envision women (and men) with long grey braids and sandles, twisting and turning into pretzels while chanting like George Harrison on a good day, inhaling patchouli incense.

Later, when it gained popularity, I thought it was only for the latte swilling, Lulumon wearing stick figure Yummy Mummys who parade into the yoga studio next to the Starbucks I frequent. They have about as much tranquil aura as a bridezilla at a buffet.  Not for me!

Then I hit a stormy period in my life, and was looking for peace and focus. One night, I walked into one of the local yoga studios, (there are now almost as many as nail salons), and my life was changed.

The class I selected was a candlelight vinyasa class, perfect for all levels. The studio was glowing and candlelit with soft music and a lavender scent. It was very warm, as it has to be because you need warm muscles, but on that 28 degree night it was perfect.

As with most yoga, when you begin the class, you set your intention for the night and you offer it up to your higher power. My intention that night was for peace, courage and patience with the direction my life was taking.

And then I began…

Over the next hour and fifteen minutes, I gently twisted and turned my way to Grace. If I couldn’t do a pose, there was absolutely NO judgement, as this class was about respecting what you and your body could do, and not a competition. Everyone came to their mat at their own level of skill, and they were turned inward to find their own strength and peace. I could have set my hair on fire and these budding yogis would not have noticed! By the time the class was over, I was a puddle of peace and would never look back.

Yoga has taught me so many things.  Patience, respect for your body, and a sense of responsibility for your walk on the Earth.  We are her for such a short time in the big picture.  It is our responsibility to live this life well, and to appreciate the gifts all around us.  Every time I hit that mat, I rise with a sense of overwhelming gratitude for my body and spirit.


The benefits of yoga are noteworthy, and too vast to list.  Here’s a great article about 38 ways you will benefit from it.


If you want to test drive yoga, without going to a class, I highly recommend this DVD.  It is primarily for stress release, and has three 20 minute sessions.  The poses are basic and not difficult, the music soothing, the instructor serene.  What’s not to love?



Put this in the Easter Basket of someone you know who is stressed and fried.  They will surely thank you.

Namaste ~



I admit it…I’ve had a half century love affair with Big Hair. No matter the decade or the style craze, I always wanted a little more.

It started as a young girl with a gawd awful pixie cut..(think younger, but unattractive Julie Andrews.)


To remedy the situation, I would sneak up to my Aunts apartment on the second floor and have at her Dippity-do. Remember Dippity-do, ladies? I can still smell that chemical pink goop!

By the time my five year old self was done “styling”, I resembled a character in a Farrelly Brothers movie…




As I got older, I cycled through bouffants and flips, mullets and whatever it is that Madonna made us do.

Decades later, I am in love, love, love with the show Mad Men. So in honor of the series finale next month {sob}, I’m rocking the “British Bob”, the bigger the better.



To achieve this version of grown up, blown up hair, you need two things…

One is Full Bloom Volume Spray by Big Sexy Hair.  This stuff is AMAZING.image



After shampooing your hair, apply this to the damp roots and blow dry your hair with a huge round brush, upside down…then watch it EXPLODE! Finish by smoothing your end with the blow dryer and brush, and this volume lasts til you shampoo it out.

The next product, a Crown Worthy Hall Of Fame product is the best hairspray of all eternity…..


Elnett by Loreal is in the tool kit of every high fashion stylist out there.  If they say they don’t use it, they are lying…it’s in their kit.  Trust me on this.  It is the best hairspray of all time, number one on every list.

To finish the look I hold the Elnett and lightly lift the blown out layers and spray underneath them like I am  putting out a fire. This product is so great you WON’T get that sticky, heavy, gluey thing…no matter how much you use. It will simply WORK, and your hair will stay in place. Don’t you LOVE when that happens??

More Big Hair I have loved…..


Drew killed it with those earrings and that ATTITUDE!




Miley Cyrus, pre-Skank.


The Brits seem to own this look. Love the fake eyelash, Big Hair look on Adele. SO sixties.


The untouchable Gwen Stefani does it with curls❤️ So Crown Worthy👸


Here’s proof that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…


(How did Phil Spector get in here? I thought he was in prison?)

Did ANYONE wear Big Hair better than Joan on Mad Men??? Loved her fiery red glory.image

And don’t you just love this Big Hair’d Betty Draper doll? Perfect addition to an obsessive fan’s Mad Men collection. (Hint, hint.)


So Wear Your Crowns, on top of hair the Bigger the Better!!!


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